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NACIA GOMI Tribute (Raw Version)

by G.Silva



This beat's essence has been with me for some time.

Because it can be seen as a hiphop influenced instrumental, but on the other hand the vibe on it can be traced to a traditional rhytm music of my country (Cape Verde), called Batuku (or Batuque).

Deeply rooted in african drums and oral tradition, Batuku is something that makes me feel good. Maybe because im capeverdean, or maybe 'cause the rhytm itself is truly hypnotizing.

In a regular day, i was busy as usual with my razor. Diggin' , chopping and filtering and i found some dope samples.

Despite not being from capeverdean music, the sample gained this batuku vibe because of the way i chopped it and played it.

Instantly something snapped in my mind. I had a flash back to a video of one of the oldest batuku living legend, a capeverdean elder women called NACIA GOMI.

The rest is history. I went back to the video where i got the batuku intro of this beat (called "Finaçon"). And of course that was extra energy to create this sort of marriage between batuku and hiphop. So, I DEDICATE THIS BEAT TO ONE OF THE GREATEST CAPEVERDEAN WOMEN - NACIA GOMI!

I have done more experiments with similar tracks, but this one caught my attention. So, i share it with you. The FINAL VERSION will be here, in some time. I believe i can make some more adjustments on it. Because this was a raw export for a friend who i showed the beat. So this is not the mixed version yet. It's a sneak preview from the oven! The track is samples only. No instruments added(yet).

Thank you for reading this!

Best regards,



Intro Lyrics:

Nacia Gomi ("freestyling" to the drums and claps):

Odja li nha mocinho
Quem qui chinta, qui pensa mundo
Nada ca dimas pa nos
Pa no caba, oto cu tcheu
Otu cu pocu
Otu cu muto
Otu sem nada
Ma tem cat..., catem caramelo
Hoji ê di meu
manha e di nhôs
Nos é sabom di cumpanhero


released February 26, 2010
Nacia Gomi and people around her when filming this video
(from vicdan88's Youtube) * This Track is For Promotional Use Only.



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